Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grad School Blog 2

So I am about a week away from spring break, meaning halfway through the semester, and good news…I am still alive! This month was spent mostly attempting and finally succeeding (hopefully) the AACR and ISBD beginning forms of cataloging. I pretty much have a stead song in my head that sounds like this, “period space dash-dash space”. The picture included in this post is a picture of my best friend! I am glad that I am this far in now and things are starting to make sense. THIS is the AACR website and THIS is wikipedias description on what AACR cataloging it.

The new adventure set before me is MARC. After learning MARC I should be able to successfully catalog my own personal library and resources at my house, which, of course, will later be applied when I enter the rest of the library-cataloging-society. I also cannot wait to learn how to use MARC Magician!

I have been lucky to be in a class where everyone is in the same boat as me. When I started ISBD and AACR I thought, “Man! Maybe library science is out of my league!” I had NO idea how much science went into everything, but once other classmates started expressing their concern and problems through the chat room I felt a little better. I felt even better when KeB (our instructor) was speedy to answer our concerns and even had a group chat to help us out. I wasn’t sure if I could handle all of this online after seeing how confusing this science can be, but with the right professors I feel I will be able to become a fantastic librarian!

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